How to Make Your Car Look Professionally Clean

15 Steps to Professionally Clean Your Car Yourself Professionally detailing your car can be expensive. However, it’s worth it to learn to do it yourself for numerous reasons. Firstly, if you do it regularly, it keeps your car in better condition. Secondly, doing it regularly keeps it cleaner and makes it easier when you do. […]

10 Free DIY Activities for Kids

If motherhood has taught me anything, it's that winter is long and my bored kids love the phrase, "I have an idea..."

This winter, I snapped a picture every time the kids discovered an activity that they enjoyed. Turns out, most of them were DIY and totally free. Today, I’ve assembled my top ten activities and listed them here. Some of these DIY ideas came from the kids themselves, some came from my journeys onto Pinterest, and some […]

3 Essentials For Making Homemade Baby Food

When I became a mom, I was petrified of doing anything “unconventional”. Then I started reading about how healthy and cost-effective making your own baby food is. Hmm… I thought it would be too complicated.  That was until my own mother shared how she fed us by grinding up dinner with a food grinder.  Instant […]

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes in 3 Steps

DIY Cloth Baby Wipes Newborns burn through diapers quicker than flies on a dropped french fry. Both of our children are in diapers, so it’s no surprise that we’re low on wipes often. Since I already had many of these materials on hand, this project was practically FREE. What you need: 1 Spray Bottle 6-8 White T-Shirts […]