How to make more money selling your car

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Cars are generally viewed as a money pit. They cost a lot to purchase, maintain, fill up with gas and then at some point you have to replace it. So how do you recoup as much of the cost as possible when selling your car?

1.) Know the value of your car
Look up your car and see it’s value plus check how many are listed, what they are selling for, how they compare to your car with mileage, wear and tear, overall condition etc. You can do all of this (plus list it) at

2.) Detail your car
The cleaner your car is in photos and when people come to inspect, the more likely you are to get a high price. You don’t have to pay someone to detail it for you, you can do it yourself with a few tools, tricks and a bit of time. You can get a car detailing kit from many stores, use your vacuum cleaner and the kit and you should be able to make your car look great.

A few little tips:
– Toothbrushes are great for those hard to reach places and are cheap.
– Use a professional car wash if you prefer.
– Use microfibre cloths to get streak free windows and remove dust etc.
– Keep your car covered after detailing it.

3.) Take great photos
When looking online, buyers want to see the inside and outside of the car from all angles. Take a photo from every angle, including the dashboard to show mileage, take close ups of any scratches or defects to show properly and be clear about everything in your listing. Good photos make a listing more popular.

4.) Accurate listing
Put everything in the listing accurately. The age, make, model, if it has been in accidents, all the features, any scratches or issues with the car, how long you have owned it, whether you are the only owner, how often it has been serviced etc.

The more accurate and honest your listing, the easier it is for people to work out if it will suit them. Plus a detailed listing stops people contacting you with mundane questions and helps cut through to real buyers faster.

5.) Be ready to negotiate
List your car at the price it is worth and be prepared to negotiate. If someone low balls you, you don’t have to take that price, you can counter their offer or reject it. You set the price you are willing to accept but make sure it is a true reflection of market value as well.

If your car is clean, the listing has good photos and is accurate, you should be able to sell your car at a good price.

What tips do you have for selling your car? 

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