Making Extra Pocket Money In Time For The Festive Season

You may not be ready to say goodbye to summer; however, it’s pretty much packed up and left for another year. Fall is arriving, which means the following season will be filled with festivities, and added cost to your family life. It’s always a smart idea to have savings in place for important future plans, unexpected challenges, or just for a rainy day, but everyone knows that the festive season falls the same time each year. Therefore, you can always plan to boost your cash and gain some extra pocket money so that you have enough income to see you through until New Year, comfortably.

If you’re wise enough to start squirreling your extra pennies away now; you’ll enjoy a fun-filled, stress-free, family Christmas, and you’ll appreciate your early efforts to save. If you’re a crafter or can use your talents to bring in some extra cash; now is the time to push your small business a bit further so that you can reap the rewards. The following are some tips and ideas for those who are ready to get stuck into making more this fall so that they can relax during winter and the cold months ahead.

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Fall And Festive Markets

The seasons ahead will be full of markets and artisan events, which are perfect for small businesses to show off and sell their wares. People will be attending these markets with the intention to buy decorations, food, and gifts; making them a wise investment. Make sure you prepare enough marketing material, like business cards and flyers, to take with you so that you can continue to encourage shoppers to buy after the market has come to a close. You can take a look at sites like and get some ideas on how to promote your product or service.

Be flexible with payment options; you’ll look more professional if you can process someone’s card, so check out sites like and ensure that you’re not a cash-only stand. Customers often run out of cash or forget it completely, so they’ll appreciate, and be encouraged to purchase your items with the ease of their card. Ensure that you’re networking enough, so that your small brand will get an online boost, and you can continue to sell when you’re not there in person. A market or organized event, is as much of a chance to promote and network, as it is to sell.

Push Your Brand Online

After so much effort in self-promotion and drawing traffic to your website or social media; you’ll need to ensure that there’s something there for them to see and engage with. Therefore, make an effort to create a clear and simple landing page for your website, where people can potentially shop, or contact you to place an order.

If you don’t have a website; you can sell items through your social media platforms, so post something fresh every day, and let your followers know what’s available and how much it will cost. Setting everything up now will ensure that you have a steady flow of extra cash coming through in time for December, not forgetting the boost to your income you’ll receive at those organized markets and events.

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