Saving on The Big Duo in Life

In most people’s lives, there are two major expenses which stand out from the rest by a large margin. While both are rather banal, they are probably one of the few main goals people have within their lifetime. One of them being a house, a place to live, while not extremely hard to come by in modern civilisation, having one which you can call your own is not a thing many young people can say they possess. Such is the sad reality of current house prices in busy, densely populated cities like Shanghai, Moscow or London have spiked a ridiculous amount in recent years. The other thing most people strive towards is having a beautiful ceremonious wedding, making the day special for themselves and their loved ones. Noone many people want to have a budget wedding or live in an old tired flat in an area where you might be scared to stick your head out the door past seven in the afternoon, and not everyone has a large surplus of cash after paying the bills and rent. Without further ado, let’s look at some tips and tricks on how to accomplish each of those goals without going into debt until the grave.

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The hopefully-not-too-humble abode

Going around visiting estate agents out of slight curiosity usually ends in up in a slight heart attack. Amounts of money you do not even dare to think about during everyday life are proudly displayed within the modern white interior as well as the front window, making you want to rethink your career choices. At that moment finally facing your boss and asking for that raise you have been putting off for the past year does not seem so terrifying in comparison to those digits beautifully presented at the estate agency. While there may be no miracle cure to a lack of money, there are ways of not losing them on silly mistakes, essentially saving you money on the purchase. Before actually buying, it is very important to work out the real cost of actually buying the house. Make sure to calculate the total of the valuation fee, paying off solicitors, home repairs, removal fees when carrying out the repairs and of course, all the furnishings to go in it. Considering all of these are sure to save you a lot of money in the long run, leaving you with fuller pockets and a house completed in record timing. There are several other things you can do which are worth considering and you can read about them here.

Image source: Pexels

The big day

A wedding usually tends to be an expensive ordeal. Expectations from your partner as well as both side of the family can end up feeling as subtle as a speeding train and making everyone happy with a limited budget usually ends up being a careful balancing act. Consider planning the big day out of season, booking a venue during the summer ends up always raising the prices. Paying for it early also allows you to save a pretty penny. Other small things like hiring a photographer for a few crucial moments rather than the whole day also helps. Sell whatever leftovers you don’t need online to make back some of the money spent, it’s not like you will need all those tablecloths around the house. There are several more ways to save money on weddings and if you are interested, read more here. In the end, you don’t want to just save money for yourself, but for your family too.

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