What Has Been Your Greatest Financial Hurdle This Year? [Survey]

Photo Credit:  Jurgen Appelo (Creative Commons)


Every week, I select a different financial topic to blog about.  It has been a blast.  But I’ll admit – it’s largely guesswork figuring out what will resonate with people most.   After all, that’s my goal.  To offer ideas, encouragement and hope to others – while documenting all the crazy stuff that goes on in my life.

So, I’ve figured out a solution to this problem:  I’ll ask you.  Your input is more vital than you realize – especially if you have a strong desire to overcome a financial hurdle.  Will you take two minutes and fill out my brief survey, please?  This research will help me zero in on what financial topics YOU will benefit from most.

I’m so excited to see what you have to say – and to incorporate it into my new blog posts.  You can get started here:


Piggy Bank Dreams 2015 Reader Survey  


Thanks in advance for your help.

– Laura

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