Why Isn’t Your Home Selling?

If your home has been on the market for some time now, and you haven’t received an offer, you may be feeling concerned. Read on for some useful advice.


Five things you need to do every week to sell your home

You have staged your home beautifully, your online listing is enticing, your brochures have been printed, and everything is just how you want it. But, the hard work doesn’t end there I am afraid! If you want to give your home the best chance of selling, you need to constantly do your bit. Here are five things you should find the time to do every week (they’ll only take a few minutes!)…

  1. Check your ‘for sale’ sign – Is it clean? Is it straight? It needs to look as if it was literally just put up.
  2. Get rid of clutter – Clutter makes a home look messy and unorganised. It also makes it appear smaller too. If you have too much clutter, why not look into interstate removalists now so you can get your property moved out of your house and closer to your future?
  3. Clean your front door – First impressions are everything! This is the entrance to your home, it needs to look its best!
  4. Call your estate agent – Keeping your agent onside is important. Give them a quick call every week to see if there has been any interest or updates. We will provide some more advice on this in the next section.
  5. Check your competition – It is always a good idea to keep one eye on the competition. How much are comparable properties being sold for? Have any been sold lately?

Time for a quick Q&A

If your home has been on the market for a couple of months and hasn’t sold it’s time to give your estate agent a quick call and ask a couple of questions. If your estate agent can’t answer these questions maybe it is time to think about a change!

  • Why hasn’t my house sold? Why not start with the obvious! Yet, don’t allow the estate agent to talk about price. Ask them for information on any feedback they have received about your property or the area.
  • What has been happening with properties similar to mine? In other words, you are asking whether similar properties to yours are receiving viewings or have been sold. If everyone else is getting viewings there must be a reason why you aren’t!
  • Who have you sent our brochure to? Well, firstly you are asking in a polite way whether they are doing their job. But you are also discovering what kind of buyers are viewing your brochure. One interesting question you should ask is how many brochures they have printed! Some estate agents will stop printing after the initial batch because they don’t want to spend money on doing so. Keep them on their toes!
  • What did your viewers buy? This is an excellent question to ask. It is always interesting to discover what your viewers then went on to purchase. Did they go for something similar? If so, what is the key difference between their property and yours? Or, did they go for something entirely different?

If your home has not been selling, hopefully, you feel like you have a bit of direction regarding what to do next.

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