3 Incredible Ways A Degree Enhances Your Career

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There’s almost been a trend in the last few years to downplay the importance of university degrees. You always get those big-time celebs that tweet things on results day like “don’t worry if you don’t get the results you need to get into university, I didn’t have a degree, and now I’m making loads of money blah blah blah”.

I mean, sure, there are examples of successful people who made it without a degree. I’m not saying you must get one to succeed in your career, but what I will say is that it can enhance your career for you. To prove my point, here are three things you get out of pursuing a degree:

More job opportunities

Regardless of what degree you get, you will instantly be opened up to different job opportunities. In some instances, you may walk into a job as soon as you graduate.

Dentists, nurses, and other medical professionals will often find jobs right away and need degrees to get into this line of work.

But, as it shows here, there are many graduate jobs in different sectors as well. These jobs are called ‘graduate jobs’ because you need to graduate from university to apply for them.

As such, having a degree will give you the chance to apply for roles that people without a degree aren’t qualified for.

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Learn valuable skills

An underrated benefit of going to uni is that you get to develop some useful skills. A few of these skills are developed directly as the result of your course. Others are developed second-hand without you realizing it.

For example, all that studying you do in the library teaches you how to find information for yourself and condense it down into bitesize chunks. The annoying presentations you do in class teach you how to speak to public crowds, the group work you do allows you to develop teamwork skills, and so on.

When you leave university, you have much more than a piece of paper that shows you graduated, you have a bucketload of new and improved skills that can help you find work and advance your career.

Create a network

Many of the people that frown on the university will say that getting a job isn’t about what you know, but more to do with who you know. Well, uni can help you with this as well! Studying for a degree puts you in a position to mix it with loads of other people.

You could become friends with someone whose father owns a company and pledges to hire you after graduation. Or, by talking to the lecturers, they may set you up with intern work at companies where you get your foot in the door.

My point is, you can use university as an opportunity to network, which will only enhance your career.

Does everyone HAVE to go to university and graduate with a degree? Of course not! But, if you’re debating whether or not to go into higher education, then this article will show you how your career will benefit from it.

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