Why You Should Invest In A Second Home


One of the things which many people want to be able to do at some point in their lives is to afford a second home as an investment. Even if you never use the home for yourself, it can be a lucrative second income for you and your family if to either rent it out or sell it on somewhere down the line.

The question of whether or not you should invest in a property if you already have one is a question which can make a massive impact on your life. The risk involved in buying another property apart from your own is huge and because of this, it can stop a lot of us from taking that initial plunge. However, if you do need some convincing on why you absolutely should invest in a second home, here are some reasons for you to consider.

Financing is simple

Although you might think that buying a property is stressful and complicated, the way you finance this type of investment couldn’t really be that much simpler. With most other type of investment you would have to put in the full lump sum immediately as the initial investment, but when you are looking to buy a property you will usually only need around 20% of the total value to begin with, because you’ll pay the rest as a mortgage once you own the property.


Have you ever wondered why so many people turn their attention to real estate? It’s because there is a sense of stability and safety when it comes to getting your money back afterwards. Houses will always be an asset which are needed in the world, they are an essential part of life and this is what makes them a safe bet when it comes to investment. You will always be able to find someone in need of a home who will buy the property you want to sell.

Tax benefits

There are a few ways your tax can benefit from investing in more than one property. For example, you can get an advantage on any rent which is taken from the second home, any maintenance work which you have to carry out for your tenants and also against the interest paid.

Buying Overseas

The beauty about property is that it is an unlimited resource. You will never find yourself unable to buy a property due to low supply, because there will always be properties available for sale. Even if the market goes down in your own country, you can expand to somewhere such as Indonesia and get a property like this https://www.rumah.com/villa/dijual for much less than you would in your own country. Always make sure you to see which are the best countries to invest in when it comes to property because you could end up with a great deal. And on the plus side you will be able to use it as a holiday home!

Rental income

Whenever you are looking to purchase a new property you have two main options for resale: you can either sell the property on right away for a higher price or you can rent the property out to tenants and maintain the property over a longer period of time. Renting can be a very lucrative option for you because it allows you to make the money from tourists, students and even young couples who cannot yet avoid a house.

Passive income

The idea of being able to make money in your sleep is something people have always wanted to do, and now is no different. You will be able to get a consistent and passive income from anyone who rents your home throughout the year which will allow you to save up for your family’s future or even simply be able to take them on a nice holiday each year to celebrate.

Things to be aware of

As with any type of investment or practically anything to do with money, there are always things you want to consider before making the decision to go ahead. It is important that you are fully aware of the financial burden which will come with an addition property, and that you are able to afford the monthly payments for the mortgage and any other payments you will need to make during your time as the owner.

1. Financial responsibilities

Remember that whenever you are looking at a property for investment you will be opening yourself up to a world of financial responsibility. It is incredibly important that you fully understand the implications of your decision and are willing to put down the payments required to keep the property and maintain it if you are renting it out to tenants. Take some time to look into your current monthly cash flow to discern whether it is realistic for you to be able to pay up these costs.

2. Different loan requirements

The best thing to think about when you come to taking out an Investment on a second property is what exactly you will be paying as a down payment initially. You may have to take out a loan for this initial investment so you will need to prove that the money will come back in with the help of rental income. If you do go down this route rather than simply paying the amount yourself, you must demonstrate some experience in property rental previously.

3. Eligible?

Not all types of property are made equally. You need to be aware that there are different types of property (https://www.thebalance.com/top-major-types-of-real-estate-property-2866989)  which you can buy, and these will abide by different rules depending on your location. Take some time to research all of this before you go into it blindly and get bitten.

4. The risk

Property investment is the same as any other type of investment, it requires you to put down a large sum initially and then get a return on this amount in either a short or a long space of time. For property, this is usually long term and it means that you could own a property for 10 years before you sell it on and get back that investment plus profit. When buying a property you will always be aware that it is dangerous and a risk to do so. The housing market could suddenly plummet in your area and you may be forced to sell up at a much lower price than you paid. Make sure that you thoroughly research the property market in advance of buying a property to see whether or not it seems as if the values will go down. If you can do this you will be able to predict more convincingly whether or not you have a viable option in investing.

In conclusion, buying a second home can be a brilliant way to earn some extra money and this can be a great bit of extra cash flow for families. Homes are the most basic of commodities and because of this, you will never not be able to sell a home, even if it is at a lower price than you had hoped. It is a sustainable type of investment and one which you could take part in throughout the rest of your life if you play it carefully. Investment doesn’t come without risk of course, and you will need to make sure you do all of the research required in advance to ensure that you don’t fall short or end up being tripped by unknown fees.

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