A Guide to Buying Qantas Points

People who have at least some prior experience with frequent flyer and similar reward points know something others may not know that well. They know that buying those points outright instead of getting them for “free” is viable if they travel a lot. It can be a way to enjoy quality airline travel without incurring heavy costs.

This is because, at times, it can be less expensive than having to pay for a partner flight or hotel for loyalty programs such as Qantas.

Know Where the Price Is Right

When you are looking for a bargain, you need to see where you will get the best price when you buy Qantas points. You can buy Qantas points from different sources such as top ups and outright purchases.

The two situations when we end up looking for Qantas points are to top up our account or buy the points outright.

In case of top ups for your account, it’s usually searching for extra points to avail a flight or hotel booking opportunity when your account already has almost enough points. It’s just to meet the extra requirements of points that you need to fulfil to book your hotel or flight.

When you’re making an outright purchase, your aim is a bit different. You are essentially looking to make a big enough purchase of points to recover the complete cost of your flight with those points.

Outright Purchases Can Be Costly, but not Always

Immediately redeeming your Qantas points is difficult because in many cases the cost per point is not very low. Additionally, the points needed for redemption of a flight or hotel, are high in comparison. This means it doesn’t remain viable when you purchase your points outright.

But it may be viable in some cases as the cost of the flight fares (on redeemable flights) in comparison to your destinations may be of a relatively higher cost. Purchasing the points outright for a flight may be able to save you on business class tickets, for instance. This means that you travel in style, while you save on flight costs, given the luxury you’re availing.

You can avail opportunities like these at Points Bank or top up some of the Qantas points you require for meeting your travel needs.

When and How Can You Buy Qantas Points

You can purchase the Qantas points when you want to overcome a slight shortage of points to get an upgrade or are almost eligible for a reward flight that you can redeem. You can get up to 20% of the points that you need to redeem a reward flight or upgrade, meaning that 80% of the points should already be at hand.

The Qantas points are available in blocks of 500, of which you can buy 120. These points can be purchased for yourself and a maximum of twice every year (12 months).

A possible way that you can make Qantas points is to buy products and services such as Qantas Wine. The deals on these wines can offer you a lucrative cost advantage when it comes to points (you get the value of the wine in addition to the Qantas points).

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