Cheap Security Ideas For Business


Owning a business has many responsibilities and it also involves a lot of different costs to you as the owner. You have a huge challenge when looking after a business to make sure that your staff, data and belongings stay safe and secure throughout the years. If you are a small business and you need some ideas on how to do this without splashing the cash, there are some easy tips to try.

Motion sensing lights

If you want a ready made robber deterrent for your business offices, you can look no further than a good set of motion sensing lights. These lights don’t cost too much to buy and they run off solar power meaning that you don’t need to spend electricity to keep them going throughout the years. Therefore, you will be able to have these lights turning on as people pass by the building, and any criminals will run away through fear of being seen.

Cameras everywhere

There is one investment which is totally worth making for your business premises, and that is to install lots of security cameras all over the place. CCTV cameras don’t have to cost the earth, and they will give you the peace of mind that if something ever does happen, you’ll be able to see it and hopefully the criminal will be caught due to the footage.

Fob locks

The biggest risk of having an open office building is the fact that anyone off the street could walk into the foyer of your building without you knowing and threaten your staff. To avoid this from happening you can install fob locks on all doors which mean that only staff with a fob can access the building, and any visitors must wait for the door to be opened before entering. It can be a huge help and it also helps you keep a register of which staff is inside and outside the building in case of a fire drill.

Plant thorny bushes under windows

If you have floor to ceiling windows around the outside of your office or even just large windows at all, a good idea would be to plant a thorny bush such as bramble or holly directly underneath the window. This will increase public safety and mean that any robber who scopes out tour office won’t be able to climb in through the windows unless they want to look like a pincushion afterwards!

Geese (no, seriously)

Ever thought of getting some office pets? Why not get geese! It might seem like a random addition to this list, however geese are incredibly territory driven and they will hiss and scream at anyone who tries to invade their space. Therefore, it is a great idea to have a pair of geese living outside your office building which you can place fairly near to the front entrance. They will keep robbers away with their hissing and biting, you can train them to recognise staff members as friends, and you and your business will remain untouched.

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