The 4 Gift Christmas Challenge: Something They Want, Need, Wear, & Read

Here are 3 unexpected lessons I learned after taking the four gift Christmas challenge

This Christmas, we decided to try the four gift Christmas challenge: Something they want, something they need, something they wear, something they read. It was really fun and helped me dial in on what I’m doing with the hard-earned money we saved for Christmas. Somehow it always seems to flitter away. Photo Credit: donnierayjones via […]

Tons of Fun Ways to Enjoy a Family Staycation

It's not about the cost; it's about the memories.

Today, we’re joined by guest blogger Carol Robson of Tiny House Plans. Carol offers her passion-infused expertise in living simply and enjoying a frugal lifestyle. I absolutely applaud her message that family vacations don’t have to cost thousands; it’s more about investing time with your family. Enjoy these tips today from Carol! Image Credit: Evil […]

Why Buying a House Was Worth the Wait

We just closed on our first house. Boy are we glad we saved up and waited until now.

Seventy-two hours ago, we bought a house. After a five-year wait that began with our wedding, then two births, one loss of income, an IRS audit, and car problems galore, we saved up for a downpayment and signed the papers. We sat in a little room at the title company, signed papers, shook hands with […]

How Single Mom, Megan Nickson, Paid Off Her Mortgage in 6 Years

7 steps that led a single-parent, single-income family to achieve one of the most difficult and wonderful financial goals in existence.

Today we are joined by guest writer and web enthusiast, Amy Nickson from Working Moms Word, who shares an incredible story about how her single mom paid off her mortgage in 6 years! You do not want to miss Amy’s story about determination, goal setting, sacrifices, and celebration.   This is my mom, Megan Nickson’s, […]

My $1,031.20 Chipped Tooth

Life Doesn't Take Visa, It Takes a Few Facepalms and an Emergency Fund

Life happens. One day, you’re in a study room at the library, getting tons of writing done and making money. The next, you’re home, sneaking a bite from the tub of cookie dough in your freezer when one of your back molars chips. You freeze, mid-bite, wondering if that was your imagination. Sure enough, you […]

7 “Orange” Ways to Have Frugal Fun This Fall

How to Brighten Your Autumn with Budget-Friendly, Memory-Making Fun

Fall is here, and with it, many shades of orange.  It splashes across the evening sky, the trees, the fields and the many yards that are decorated for harvest time and Halloween.  So I decided to put together a bunch of fun and frugal fall ideas that include the color orange.   I got the […]

Consignment Sales Vs. Garage Sales

Where Should I Sell My Stuff?

A few of my friends asked me to review my experiences with two different consignment sales this year.  Since I also just participated in a garage sale, I’d like to share my thoughts on all three of those events.  Hopefully it will help you out as you decide where to sell your belongings. Photo Credit: […]

12 Questions to Ask Before Consigning Your Baby Items

Read These Tips From My Experience to Save Yourself Time and Effort

Saving money is awesome.  But not every method is right for everyone.  Last week, I participated in my second consignment sale.  Now that I am a few sales in, I realize how many hours I wasted trying to figure things out at the beginning.  It’s just part of the learning process, but hopefully I can […]

19 Ways Financial Peace University Changed My Life

Fall Classes Are Starting Soon. What's Stopping You From Signing Up?

Fall is a season of change.  The trees shred their old leaves, making room for new growth.  It is an ideal time to evaluate your finances since all around the country, Financial Peace University classes are getting ready once more to launch.  And like it did with me four years ago, it just might change […]