Give Your Clutter an Eviction Notice

Consignment Tickets

Each one of these tickets represents an item I am selling at a local consignment sale.

They’re my little “eviction notices”.  Translation:  Stuff is leaving my house!

Sure, the money I am hoping to earn is nice, but let’s focus on the value of decluttering for a few minutes.

How I Almost Made Money Decluttering my House

In 2014, I joined an online 6-week decluttering challenge called “The Simplicity Project” by Corie Clark.  Corie literally wrote the book on decluttering.  It was GREAT and my house thanked me.

Here are Corie’s “10 Easy Tips to Help You Rid the Clutter”

While decluttering, I made three piles:

  • Donate
  • Pitch
  • Sell

I danced around snapping my fingers like Mary Poppins, tossing things into the trash and boxing up donations. Blank spaces were made. Taylor Swift would have been proud.

But selling. ::sigh:: Selling… I posted items on eBay, Craigslist and Facebook garage sales.

Nothing happened. Zilch.

So my “To Sell” box collected dust in the corner of our bedroom. It sat for one…two…(counting my fingers)…yep, six months.


How I Found my Motivation…Like a Boss

I figured out my problem. I had to PAY to be a vendor at the sale next week. I will take a loss if I don’t follow through with this sale.

I tried all those online forums once, didn’t get a bite and gave up. One time.

The simple fact is, I had nothing to lose by giving up. Except for floor space.

Even though the consignment fee was only $13, it was riskier. I’ve got more skin in the game. So what am I doing about it? Hustling.

See how I got started here.

You may not struggle in this area. You may eat motivation for breakfast.

I get motivated in different ways. Like, if you were to chase me with a spider. Or if you told me that I’d left my car in gear at the top of a hill. Pretty motivating.

Or if you said I had to pay money to have my items sold at a precise location and time where thousands of buyers would be shopping.

Yes, I’ll get off the couch for that.

So what stuff do you need to ditch? What’s zapping your motivation?

Action Steps: Spring is coming. Would you like to declutter?

  1. Start by setting your timer for 15 minutes. Go room by room and scribble down all the areas you want to organize. – Tip from
  2. Buy The Simplicity Project for the complete road map of decluttering tips.
  3. If you’ve been lazy, like me, time to slap a date down on a calendar for when you are going to sell, donate and pitch your stuff. Time to give your clutter an eviction notice.

Do you have a magic trick for selling on eBay, Craigslist or FB garage sales? Please share. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I could really use the advice.  

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2 thoughts on “Give Your Clutter an Eviction Notice

  1. Good for you! I’m *terrible* at selling things—I just donate them to the second hand stores or to other moms in a Facebook free swap group I’m in. Sometimes I wonder how much we could make if I actually put in the effort of selling, though.

    • Hi Catherine, I would love to try a swap party sometime! It seems like a great way to de-clutter and save you and your friends some money. Didn’t know there were swap groups on FB. Now I’m curious… Thank you for reading!