How to educate yourself for less #Sponsored

Use Groupon and Udemy to learn anything on a budget

The following is a sponsored post based on my personal experience with Groupon and Udemy.

How many things have you wanted to learn but either didn’t have the time or money to do it? As a mum, it can be hard juggling everything in the home, taking kids where they need to go, working and if you add any courses into the mix it can feel impossible to manage to get yourself to school, not to mention the cost of it.

Recently, I had time to sit down and look at all the things I have wanted to do or learn since I was a teenager, that I still haven’t done. I wrote my list then researched the best ways to go about it. Going to school wasn’t possible, most of the courses I liked were scheduled at times that wouldn’t work for my family and cost thousands.

Then I found Udemy which had a few I really liked that were well within budget. Even better, I came across Groupon options for Udemy, bringing the cost down further.

As such I selected the courses I wanted to do and within weeks had managed to complete some of the short courses for significantly less than if I had enrolled elsewhere. Plus, I was able to do them in my own time and still had full support from the teachers of the courses I selected.

I wasn’t after a university degree, just some courses of personal interest which could provide side income if I wanted, so the options from Udemy with Groupon were ideal.

What do you want to learn and what’s holding you back? 


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