Money Secrets of the Amish – Book Review

I grew up in Amish country. Having them as neighbors was always fascinating. If you want to know how to live a frugal life, work the land, avoid buttons and drive a buggy, move in with an Amish family.

I’m no expert, so instead of me gabbing to you about the few things I do understand about the Amish and their frugal ways, here is a book on the subject:

[Or view the book here.]

The author, Lorilee Craker, takes a journalistic approach by sharing insights from interviews of Amish individuals and families. One of the creeds she hears over and over is:

Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without.” – Money Secrets of the Amish

Craker does a good job of including “English” (non-Amish) examples in the frugal advice.

For example, I’ve never really had a strong need to make a dozen mincemeat pies on a dime.  Sadly, I’m just not cool like that. But I do know there is always wisdom in preparing and storing food long-term.

So there is plenty you can derive from this book. Perhaps it will inspire you to pick up a new habit or two.

The author is witty. So there’s that.

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Join the discussion:  If you could spend a day with an Amish family, what would you do?

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