3 Essentials For Making Homemade Baby Food

When I became a mom, I was petrified of doing anything “unconventional”.

Then I started reading about how healthy and cost-effective making your own baby food is.


I thought it would be too complicated.  That was until my own mother shared how she fed us by grinding up dinner with a food grinder.  Instant baby food.

Light bulb moment.  I didn’t need a bunch of crazy juicers, strainers, or dehydrators.

I didn’t need to change the chemical properties of food.

We’re talking, peel a banana, mash it, feed it to baby.

Sure not every food is that simple, but that’s where these next 3 steps come in.

(Even if you don’t have a baby at home, these would make great baby shower gifts.)


>>>Stick around for my baby boy’s favorite recipe at the end.<<<


3 essentials you need to make your own baby food:


1.  “Super Baby Food” by Ruth Yaron.


What I love about this book:

  • It contains detailed info about what your baby can and can’t eat month by month.
  • It contains a list of every food item with instructions on ripeness, seasons, prep, cooking, serving, freezing and even growing
  • It contains dozens of healthy toddler snack recipes
  • It highlights the nutritional benefits of every food item for baby.


2.  A Great Food Processor

KitchenAid Chef Series 3-Cup Food Chopper


This is the exact one we received as a wedding present, still going strong.  There are so many food processors to choose from – some designed specifically for making baby food.  I’ve only used mine, so that’s one I will list here.  It has served us well making baby food or smoothies.


3.  Baby Food Storage Trays


These are great because they keep the food really fresh.  Also, they measure the food out nicely in exact proportions.

But if you don’t have these right now, just use regular ice cube trays.



My Baby’s Favorite Recipe:



Banana & Avocado Cereal:



1 Banana

1 Avocado

5 oz. breastmilk or formula

rice cereal, as needed


Blend together in food processor.  Spoon into storage tray to freeze.   Cover with lid or aluminum foil.  Once frozen, store food cubes in a Ziploc freezer bag.  Label and date the bag.  Each cube equals 2 Tbsp. of pureed food.





Enjoy & Happy Saving!


Join the Conversation:  Have you ever turned something conventionally store-bought into something homemade?


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