Thrifty Ways You Can Save Money in Time for Christmas

A lot of people want to save money and they also want to be able to enjoy themselves more on a day to day basis. The problem is that a lot of us don’t know how to save money and even if they did, they can’t cut back with the festive period being just around the corner. So if you want to be thrifty just in time for Christmas, then you’ve come to the right place.

Food Wastage

When most people try and save money, they switch energy providers, cut back on luxuries and don’t allow themselves any mid-week treats such as takeaways or sweets from the corner shop. The problem is that the main source of wasted money is actually in the kitchen. The average household throws out thousands every single year in food wastage, and the environmental cost of this is staggering. By planning out your food every week, you can easily make sure that nothing is wasted. This is especially the case after a huge Christmas dinner! Impulse buys are also something that you need to watch out for, as they can account for up to 10% of your overall shopping budget. If you are really struggling, then visit website providers such as CashSmart to borrow money online to tide you over the Christmas period.

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Don’t Focus on the Big Brands

If you are so used to buying big brands for household items then consider moving down a grade or two. Supermarket’s own brands are usually just as good and they can significantly cut down your weekly bill.

Utility Waste

Utility waste isn’t just about clamping down and turning off the lights when you leave the room. It’s not even about doubling up on your Christmas jumper at the weekend so you don’t have to put the heating on. It’s about stopping the cold in the first place. For example, if you have your windows draught-proofed then this can save you a lot of money but studies show that 46% of houses don’t actually have this done. If you replace your halogen bulbs with LEDs then this can also save you money, and by switching your appliances off at the switch rather than via the remote, you can really pile on the savings.

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Don’t Rush into Booking a Summer Holiday

Staycations, as they’re called, remain to be the best way for you have a cheap holiday break. The problem is that not everyone feels as though they have had a break from the horrible weather unless they are asleep underneath a scorching sun in a private villa. With Christmas being around the corner, you probably can’t wait to book some time away in the sun. The problem is that people are often drawn in by bright, enhanced photos and they book the holiday based on this. By doing that, you’ll actually end up spending 90% more than you need to. By focusing on the amenities, the stars of the hotel and even the location, you can have a better holiday overall as opposed to going off photographs alone and you can save a small fortune as well.

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