Dinner on a Dime: Cooking Steak Oscar at Home

Photo Credit:  Max Frank (Creative Commons)
Photo Credit: Max Frank (Creative Commons). Image of steak in frying pan.

Did Valentine’s Day leave your bank account reeling?  I’ve been there.

Want to know how to slash that $50 steak dinner in half?

Too spooked about cooking steak, like I always am?

Tune in.

This recipe is brought to you by the elderly gentleman at the store who helped me find my steaks when I couldn’t find a store attendant.  While helping, he shared his favorite steak recipe with me.  BONUS.

I will never know our recipe benefactor’s name, but he was lean and wore a sweater, so can we call him Mr. Rogers?

We were celebrating my husband’s job promotion when we made this recipe.  No pictures were taken. We were not thinking about anything but how good our dinner smelled.  Meanwhile, click here for visual inspiration.

Mr. Rogers’ Asparagus Steak Oscar

(60-80 min)  Oven: 275ºF

– 2 strip steaks (8 – 12 oz)

– 6 oz. white crab meat, drained

– 1 pkg Hollandaise sauce

– 1 bundle white or green asparagus, peeled

– green onions, chopped

– salt & pepper

We found a new way to prepare the steaks via this tutorial video from “FudeHouse”.  We especially loved the salt and pepper crust.

– Cook the steaks in the oven first (45-60 min), then you will sear both sides in a hot skillet.  Details in the video.

– Boil or steam the asparagus in water until tender (20 min).

– After the steaks are seared, immediately sear the crab meat in the same skillet for 5-10 seconds per side.

– Serve each steak with a dollop of seared crab meat on top.  Pour Hollandaise sauce over the meat.

– Alternately, you can pour the Hollandaise sauce over the asparagus and sprinkle chopped green onions on top.

– Add French bread or mashed potatoes or steamed broccoli

Enjoy a restaurant-quality steak dinner for half the price.

Great, now my mouth is watering.  My hat’s off to you, Mr. Rogers.

Discussion:  Share how you have replicated a favorite restaurant recipe at home.

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