Teaching Your Children About Money

Do You Have a Teachable Moment to Share on My Blog?


I’m so excited to be launching my first feature series on my blog starting this month!

“Teaching Your Children About Money”

I love sharing my financial experiences and tips with you.  But what I love even more is when my readers get a chance to share that with each other.

I don’t have to tell you how important it is to teach our children about money.  In fact, you told ME in my recent Reader Survey.  So this is my solution:

Feature stories directly from you about your kids and money.  I’m sure you can rattle off all the pros and cons of what you were taught as a child, and perhaps how you have done things differently with your own.  I want to hear about it.

All you need to do is email me at [email protected]


What is one critical thing you learned about money as a child that you still practice today?  Leave your answer in the comments below.


My children are too young for me to start financial 101.  Except for a recent trip to a garage sale (read more here), my 2-year-old has never spent her own money before.

So I am not qualified to lead this charge into teaching our kids about money.

But perhaps you are?

Do you have a teachable moment that you could share with the rest of the Piggy Bank Dreams readers?  If so, email me at [email protected]  Use the subject heading “Teachable Moments”.  I would love to feature your story!


I will be launching my first feature story very soon.  Have you subscribed to my newsletter yet?  Make sure you do that so you never miss a Teachable Moments update!


Join the Discussion:  What was one thing you wish someone would have taught you about money when you were a child?


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4 thoughts on “Teaching Your Children About Money

  1. Ugh, we were taught NOTHING about money growing up, and made so many mistakes because of it. Thus, we’ve made it a top priority to teach our kids. I’ve even got my 12-year-old reading The Millionaire Next Door right now. 🙂

  2. Such a great book, Laurie! Now THAT is a review I would love to read – from a 12-year-old. Kids understand a lot more than people give them credit for. Kudos to you for making this such a priority in your family. You’re such a great influence on me too.

    • So glad to hear it, Monica! I’m looking forward to it too for the same reasons. I definitely agree that growing up with a “save up and pay” mentality goes a long way. I turned away from that when I got older and started giving into all the overwhelming noise in debt being a tool and quick wins.