What To Know Legally When You’re Ready To Divorce

Marriage is a legal or formal recognition of uniting two people as “partners in a personal relationship.” In other terms, it is called matrimony or wedlock. This social or ritually recognized union of a man and a woman establishes obligations and rights between both parties. Likewise, it constructs the privileges of proceeding biological or legally […]

Facing up to Your Debts

Do you have a pile of unopened bills and statements? Have you deleted your online banking app because you just can’t face it? Do you dread that message from the bank telling you that you are overdrawn yet again? Is it getting you down and affecting your health? Well, you’re not alone. 8 out of […]

Everything You Ever Wanted To Ask About Bitcoin

Picture Credit Bitcoin has been very big news recently. It’s taken up some serious column inches in newspapers and magazines over the past few months as it has recently seen its value go through the roof. Even so this cryptocurrency is extremely valuable right now, there are still very few people who actually understand the […]